What to expect when your expecting (results)

What to expect with your SEO campaign

We have found that setting accurate, measurable expectations lead to the most successful search engine optimization campaigns. We are about to share with you some facts about SEO that other firms tend to omit, over exaggerate or maybe (and hopefully not) all out lie about. While it may scare off some potential clients, we think being upfront and honest is best, so here goes.

SEO Fact & Fiction

  • SEO will make my phone ring: FICTION. Sorry to burst your bubble. The point of SEO is to increase your company's visibility within search results. While this SHOULD increase leads and calls, it is not guaranteed. You need to make sure your website does some of the work by including your value-add proposition, clear call to action, and a sales funnel to capture and cultivate leads.
  • SEO will make my website #1 in Google: FACT (kinda). Again, if we are being brutally honest, no one (not even Google itself) can guarantee your website will rank #1 in Google. Why? Depending on the competitiveness of the keywords you are targeting, along with several other factors, being #3 may be as high up the rankings as you can get. We consider ranking within the first 2 page results as well as Google Maps is a sure measure of success.
  • Once I'm #1 in Google I will stay there: FICTION. It is more like a game of 'King of the Mountain'. There is ALWAYS going to be someone trying to push you off the top. You will need to continue to post fresh content to your site, engages in social media posts and craft landing pages to compliment your efforts and highlight services.
  • SEO is expensive: FACT. Again, being honest, obtaining and maintaining SEO takes some "leg work". That's what we do. There isn't a magic wand, it takes a team of real people, writing real copy and real people continuously and consistently adding and updating information on your website and across the INTERNET.

A Word About Pricing

The setup fees cover the first 2 months. Initially, we will be building links, adding copy, doing keyword research, etc. Once completed, you'll move into your plans monthly optimization.

We require at least a 3-month commitment when signing up for an SEO package (2 months of setup phase, followed by at least 1 month of full management), but strongly recommend 6+ months to be highly successful. Since market conditions, search algorithms and competitors change, it is important that your SEO campaign is well managed - it's not a "set it and forget it" process.

Blog and video posts are custom written content, unique to your site. Siteboxgroup also offers Google Adwords (aka Pay-per-click marketing). The management fee is 12% (not less than $50) of the ad spend budget. Client shall be billed directly by Google for any Adwords spend, and billed separately for management fees.

From time to time it may be necessary for Siteboxgroup to alter the quantities listed on numbered items in exchange of alternate methods based on the previous months performance. In such cases, a notation will be made on the SEO Reporting tab of the ClientPortal.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results do not happen overnight. Several factors, such as keyword selection, market competitiveness and previous SEO missteps to name a few, may affect the success rate. Our methodology is to increase visibility within major search engines. This does always translate into increased call volume, contacts or sales; however, it will increase your position within search engines, which, in turn, is designed to increase sales and leads.