Turn-key websites that are as easy as pie

Fresh and Ready to Go!

Calling all start-ups, work-from-home entrpenuers, tradesmen! Do you need a website now? Not sure if your new invention is going to make you an overnight success but need to take advantage of the credibility and marketing power of a professionally designed website? Oh, my! You clicked the right link!

Affordable, ready to launch websites

Our "Ready to Go" websites are just that....ready to go! We have created a series of pre-built websites that can be customized with your logo and color scheme! We've created a couple of industry specific themes below from which to choose.

"Ready to Go" Advantages

  • Amazingly Affordable
  • Professionally Designed
  • Responsive and Mobile Ready
  • Completely Customizable
  • Usually Ready within 24 hours
  • Online Support 24/7
Websites Already Built

100% Optimized

100% Optimized

Each project is a process that optimizes:

  • Understanding the topic of the page
  • Keyword research to determine the best keywords to optimize for, including a competitive analysis, keyword intent, and more.
  • Natural optimization for both users and search engines for each element of the page including title tags, URLs, meta-descriptions, h1s, images, and internal links.
  • If you have WordPress, we can even make these changes if you provide the login credentials.

In the end we provide a full report of all the work done!.

How It Works

Step 1URLs for Optimization

Just purchase SiteboxOnPage and provide us with the URLs you’d like to optimize.

Step 2Keyword Research

We will determine the intent of the page and perform keyword research to find the best keywords to optimize the page.

Step 3On-Site Optimization

We will write new title tags, metas, urls, h1s, and image alt tags to fully optimize the page. If you have WordPress, we can even edit the pages directly if you provide logins.

Plans and Pricing

Out-of-the-Box Websites

  • Website Features
    No Design Costs
    100% Responsive & Mobile Ready
    2 Mailboxes
    URL Optimization
    Alt-image and image names
    Keyword and related keyword density
    Geographic targeting when appropriate
  • $249 (plus $9/month) Order Now